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Child and Adolescents psychology in The Hague 


Q: Would the therapy be for my child’s benefit?

A: Yes, for sure, since he/she would learn how to cope with daily life’s stresses and difficulties and he/she would build self-confidence and social skills; and develop his/her emotional capacities, which are very important for future life.


Q: How do I know that my child needs help?

A: When a child faces difficulties they are present through tantrums or dysfunctional behavior. We tend to think that this is just a phase and most of the times it is. However, when these persist for a long period of time and interfere with the child’s life, we believe they must be addressed and solutions found.


Q: How long will the intervention take?

A: This depends on the child’s needs. Sometimes a few sessions or even some parenting consultation may be enough to make a huge change on the child’s life. This is something to discuss and judge together.


Q: How does the process work?

A: First, I have an intake phase, which means that we meet the parents and get to know them. Questions are asked and discussed. Then according to their request and the goal, I work on our intervention plan. The duration varies according to the child’s needs.  At the end, there is always an evaluation phase when the child will be seen less frequently in order to evaluate his progress.


Q: What makes Steps-psychology different from other practices for children?

A: I have a vast range of professional experience and are able to get further specialised support from other child’s professionals such as occupational therapist and speech therapist. This gives me a complete picture of the child’s needs and I am able to provide the best interventions for the specific needs of the child


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