Child and adolescent psychology in The Haguejumpingboy

  • Therapy or counseling offered in following languages: English and Greek.
  • I offer professional counseling and psychological intervention individually tailored.
  • Transition related problems (adapting to a new country, school, making new friends, new language, etc.)
  • Family support and parenting
  • Managing emotions and behavioural problems
  • Struggling with school, learning difficulties, socialising problems, bullying, additional needs
  • Balance work/family obligations
  • Cooperation with other child professionals
    –   Social emotional development in children

Family information services: schools, parenting, etc.

  • Play therapy
  • 30-60 minutes consultations for children or parents in The Hague upon request
  • Skype consultations (first 15 minutes free consultation either by phone or Skype)

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